Secure, Quality Agricultural Fencing

There are many sorts of agricultural fencing and here at Goddard Fencing, we pride ourselves on installing agricultural fencing that will keep your livestock safe and sound for many years to come.

Through the history of the world, domesticated livestock would be fenced out of peoples gardens, farmers fields of crops, anywhere that they were not wanted. As time has passed crop agriculture has become dominant and the population density of humans and animals has risen many times over. Due to this livestock owners are forced to fence their livestock in.

Chestnut Fencing

Chestnut fencing is made by hand splitting sweet chestnut wood into pales. The manufactures then wind together the pales using four strands of galvanized mild steel wire at approximately 75mm apart. If it is a temporary fencing solution you are looking for or you are in a situation where a low-cost substantial barrier is needed then Chestnut paling produces an attractive yet inexpensive answer.

Stock Fencing

Stock fencing is an agricultural mesh fence widely used for sheep and cattle.  Stock fencing can also be used in a domestic situation where it is normally erected on timber stakes and driven into the ground with straining posts set at the corners, ends, and changes of direction.

The stock fence normally comes in 50m rolls and is fixed to the timber fence posts using fencing staples


Post & Rail Fencing

To create the most effective post & rail fencing you would use a half rounds stakes, peeled and half round machined rail. This is a natural-look, minimal-cost fence for stock containment that blends well with the surrounding area. It is great for producing paddocks in a very short time. Very quick and easy to install as the rails are nailed onto the face using either three or four nails.

We can provide:

Post and Rail Fencing, Stock and Horse Netting, Plain and Barbed Wire Fencing, Rabbit and Deer Fencing, Gates and Gateways

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